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Passive Acoustic Mooring

  • 40 -180m depth

  • Stretch hose section for quiet operation in all sea states 

  • Subsurface buoyancy – hydrophone in taut lower section

  • All bolted flange connections for low noise

  • Anchor recovery system

Coastal Surface Mooring

  • 80-500m depth

  • Electromechanical Universal Joint

  • E/M Chain

  • Mulitple 30m stretch hoses for compliance


Coastal Profiler Mooring
  • 80-500m depth

  • 15m stretch hose section

  • Taut lower wire section for Profiling instrument 

  • Small watch circle

  • Anchor recovery system


Environmental Sample Profiler
  • 40 - 100m depth

  • Stretch hose delivers surface sample water to instrument below

  • ESP subsurface mooring module

  • Anchor recovery system


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