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Specialized Mooring Products

EOM Offshore's mooring components were designed by leading scientists and engineers from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.  EOM Offshore's products combined with other mooring elements and instruments enable a broad spectrum of ocean sensing missions, providing reliable power and data connectivity through the air-sea interface, all the way to the seafloor.  

Patented Electromechanical Cables

EOM Offshore offers patented electromechanical cable technology to its customers. 

The MECO is a mechanically compliant EM cable that isolates dynamic conditions from any instrument that sits below a subsurface sphere by elongating 2.5 times its original length.  In calm conditions, it returns to its nominal length, while delivering continuous data and power.  The MECO is patented technology developed by engineers from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

Marine Recovery Systems

EOM Offshore offers two product variations for its marine recovery systems.  Both enable the customer to recover any asset on the seafloor.

Robust Universal Joints

EOM Offshore offers an electromechanical universal joint and mechanical universal joint, each with unique features.  Both increase the integrity of the mooring and permits roll, pitch, and heave, eliminating mechanical wear at connection points.

The NOCOMEC resembles the MECO, but it does not bend and stretch.  It is the quiet chain.  The NOCOMEC is a non-compliant EM Cable built with a polyurethane encapsulated chain and conductors.  It provides axial strength where ever data and power are needed in the mooring.

EOM Offshore also can provide field operations, maintenance, and logistics services in support of complete mooring projects.

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