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EOM Offshore is proud to partner with Columbia Power Technologies on the C-Power SeaRAY autonomous offshore power system 

December 2020

Columbia Power Technologies, Inc. (C-Power) announces it will commence six-month sea trials in partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and U.S. Navy to test and validate the technical and economic capabilities of C-Power’s SeaRAY autonomous offshore power system (AOPS).  The SeaRAY AOPS provides in-situ power, energy storage, and real-time data and communications support that will advance the marine economy toward a future of autonomous, connected and resident technologies. It is designed to support unmanned offshore activities, including subsea vehicles, sensor packages, and operating equipment. When deployed, the SeaRAY AOPS significantly lowers costs and carbon emissions, reduces operational complexity, increases safety, and enables capabilities not available today. The system supports a wide range of potential applications that will spur innovation in critical industries such as defense and security, offshore energy, aquaculture, and science and research.

EOM Offshore will be providing our products and solutions to provide data and power transmission to and from the surface down to the seafloor.  “We are excited to be working with C-Power in such an important focus area, to harness the power of ocean waves: a powerful and renewable source of energy,” cited EOM Offshore Chief Executive Officer, David Aubrey, Ph.D.


EOM Offshore and Ocean Tech Services Join Forces

March 2019

On March 21st, 2019, EOM Offshore, LLC acquired the assets and operations of the New Jersey-based Ocean Tech Services, LLC. The acquisition marks an important milestone for EOM Offshore as it expands its role as a key provider of oceanographic technology and marine services.  Ocean Tech Services is an experienced marine service provider, bringing its decade of experience in the offshore renewable energy industry.  EOM Offshore provides innovative mooring solutions that supports multiple industries, using a suite of patented technologies. Ocean Tech Services increases EOM Offshore’s capabilities by providing metocean data collection solutions, subsea remote sensing, and offshore logistics. Together, EOM Offshore’s technology development and Ocean Tech Services’ offshore operations capability provide a powerful solution for customers that require data collection in the harsh marine environment.  

With this acquisition, Ocean Tech Services now combines our marine operations expertise with a unique technological and engineering capability to provide our clients a vertically integrated solution to their offshore data collection requirements. Dave Aubrey and the team at EOM are a perfect fit for Ocean Tech with our goal of being the top provider of metocean data collection solutions to the US offshore energy industry. – Stephen O’Malley, President Ocean Tech Services.

Since acquiring EOM from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in 2018, we have been seeking a partner that can provide the service delivery portion of our patented technologies for environmental data collection solutions. With a focus on the growing US offshore renewable energy industry, here in Massachusetts and along both coasts of the US, Steve and the team at Ocean Tech provide the expertise and knowledge that we need to grow EOM into the next phase of our evolution as a premier marine technology solutions company. – Dr. David Aubrey, CEO EOM Offshore, LLC

EOM Awarded SBIR to Design Innovative Fiber Optic Compliant Tether

February 2019

On February 5, 2019, EOM Offshore LLC was awarded an SBIR Phase I under SBIR Topic N-183-141 entitled “Technology Development of Fiber Optic Moorings for Surface Communication Buoys.”

This opportunity allows EOM Offshore to use its patented mooring technology to design a new lightweight, fiber optic Stretch EM Cable that will be used to tether communication gateway buoys.  To date, no mooring cable on the market provides compliant fiber optic cable suitable for use in energetic wave environments.

EOM Offshore LLC was established in 2009 to commercialize a Stretch EM Cable that was developed by engineers from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.  The patented technology is a specialized mooring element comprised of stiffened rubber and electrical wires that tether to oceanographic buoys.  The Stretch EM Cable uses mechanical compliance by elongating 2.5 times its original length in rough seas and returning to its original length in calm conditions, all the while transmitting data and power.

Dr. David Aubrey, CEO of EOM Offshore, states, “This award provides a challenging opportunity for EOM to continue to expand its core mission to national defense markets, and also to continue our tradition of innovation in facilitating ocean data exchange for the world oceans.”

EOM Offshore's Conservation Mooring Successfully Moves onto Phase II for Testing

January 2019

On January 22, 2019, EOM Offshore’s COO, Scott Romberger, delivered the first group of conservation mooring prototypes to the University of Maine’s Advanced Structures and Composite Center to undergo the first phase of testing.  The prototypes performed better than expected!  Phase II of testing begins February 11, 2019, and EOM Offshore is confident that the product will deliver positive results.  

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