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Multifunction - Marine Recovery System

Don't Leave it, Retrieve It

  • The Multifunction Node - Marine Recovery System provides a quiet and stable platform for instrumentation.
  • Ideal for any acoustic monitoring.
  • Operational expenditures are reduced since the asset may be recovered and deployed multiples times.

The Multifunction Node-Marine Recovery System (MFN-MRS) has customizable configurations for multiple seafloor instruments and functions as a power and communications node that can integrate with existing seafloor power grids and communication networks.  This configuration ensures the delivery of power and real-time data directly to the shore via a bottom cable or via surface buoy.  It is designed to have positive buoyancy and sits on the seafloor using an integrated anchor recovery system, so all of the mooring elements can be retrieved, including the anchor.  When coupled with the EOM Offshore Stretch EM Cable, the MFN-MRS provides a quiet and stable platform for instrumentation that is easily recoverable. 


Retrieval Method:

Inside the MFN-MRS is an integrated anchor, linepack, and acoustic release.  The line is wrapped to prevent biofouling, while maintaining a compact package for on-deck handling during deployment operations.  


Once the release command is received and the release is disengaged, the synthetic line is freed.  The line wound onto the metal frame is roughly two times the water depth where the mooring is located.  This extra line simplifies retrieval in areas where there can be strong currents or where the mooring may have "walked" into deeper water.   No longer under tension, the MFN-MRS inverts and rises to the surface, while the line is payed out from the bottom of the MFN-MRS linepack. Upon recovery of the MFN-MRS with acoustic release, the ship would take control of the synthetic line via mechanical means and recover the equipment in a controlled manner. All mooring elements are easily recoverable, including the anchor.



  • Up to 600 meter water depth

  • Mount multiple instruments

  • Main frame material: 6061-T6 aluminum

  • Integrated anchor recovery system

  • Robust lifespan assuming periodic refurbishment

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