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Real-Time Monitoring Solution for Harmful Algal Blooms


Microscopic plants (algae) that live in the sea will sometimes grow out of control and produce harmful toxins that can contaminate water and shell fish, kill animals, and sicken humans.  These negative consequences can have large monetary effects that ripple across many industries.  In 2011, it was estimated that health consequences due to marine-borne pathogens in the USA have annual costs on the order of US$900 million (Ralston et al., 2011).  

Illness prevention is paramount to avoid multiple negative impacts to tourism and the fishing industry; To reach this goal real-time surveillance is key.  



In partnership with McLane Research Laboratories, EOM Offshore’s mooring technology provided the stable deployment required by the sensitive McLane Environmental Sampling Processor to sample and process the water near real-time.  EOM Offshore’s stretch hose technology is also unique because while it provided this stable environment, it also functioned as a hose, allowing water from the surface to be pumped to the  Environmental Sampling Processor.  These mooring configurations have been deployed in dynamic sea states such as the Gulf of Maine.  

Data Example:

To see near real-time data examples, please visit Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution’s page:

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