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LinePak Marine Recovery System

Don't Leave it, Retrieve It

  • EOM Offshore’s LinePak-Marine Recovery System (LP-MRS) is a versatile product that can used to recover any asset located on the seafloor.  The system can be configured without a surface expression,

  • The LP-MRS lets the end-user be compliant with environmental laws, requiring all mooring elements be recovered, including the anchor.


  • Operational expenditures are reduced since the asset may be recovered and deployed multiples times. 

Retrieval methods are different depending on depth

Less Than 600 Meters Water Depth Application:

The LP-MRS is placed in a vertical configuration with subsurface flotation attached above, and the recoverable asset attached below.  Once the release command is received and the release is dis-engaged, the synthetic line is freed.  The line wound onto the metal frame is roughly two times the water depth where the mooring is located.  This extra line simplifies retrieval in areas where there can be strong currents or where the mooring may have "walked" into deeper water.   No longer under tension, the subsurface flotation rises to the surface, bringing the LP-MRS with it while the line is payed out from the bottom of the LP-MRS. Upon recovery of the subsurface flotation and the LP-MRS with acoustic release, the ship would take control of the synthetic line via mechanical means and recover the asset in a controlled manner. Rate of ascent is determined by line retrieval rate.

Greater Than 600 Meters Water Depth Application:

For customers who have concern over losing the surface buoy, then our LP-MRS can assist.  In this case, by activating the acoustic release, the mooring elongates by the maximum length of line on the spool, bringing to the surface your subsurface buoyancy as long as it is not deeper than the length of the line on the LP-MRS.  The mooring would now be recovered from the surfaced flotation, until you got to the MRS line, using which the asset can be retrieved. 


Depending on the customer's requirements, the LP-MRS currently integrates with Edgetech 8242XS/Teledyne R2K/Teledyne R12K acoustic release.   It can be used under diverse ocean locations and supports multiple markets, including Oil & Gas, Offshore Wind, Oceanography, Defense and Security, and Hydrography.


  • Integrated acoustic release (Edgetech 8242XS/Teledyne R2K/Teledyne R12K)

  • Synthetic mooring line (Working load 20,000 lbs/9,072 kg)

  • Variable length based on customer requirement 

  • Resistant to biofouling


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