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Stretch EM Cable

Due to its design, the Stretch EM Cable isolates the ocean's rough conditions from the rest of the mooring through millions and millions of cycles, while simultaneously providing a stable and quiet platform for oceanographic instruments.  The Stretch EM Cable's watch circle is minimal, eliminating the risk of the mooring line becoming entangled with itself, getting snagged by approaching vessels, or entangled with whales.  

The Stretch EM Cable cable is a direct electrical connection that enables the constant delivery of data and power for fixed, real-time measurements from seafloor-to-surface.  Different lengths and conductor arrangements are available, including twisted pairs for Ethernet.   When required, the Stretch EM Cable can allow water from the surface to pass through its hollow center to sampling instruments that are located in the mooring (see our Environmental Sample Processing Mooring).

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  • Minimal watch circle

  • Continuous delivery of data and power

  • Will not entangle with itself or marine mammals

  • Long life-time

  • Long-term economic savings

  • And many more...


  • Two breaking loads (2,000 lb/900 kg & 10,000 lb/4,500 kg)

  • Length (30, 50, 60, 100 ft/9, 15, 18, 30 m)

  • Multiple conductor configuration (4, 6, 8 UTP)

  • Ethernet capability

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