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Universal Joints

Real Time Data Seafloor-to-Surface

Relieve Strain at Termination

Isolate Roll and Pitch

EOM Offshore's universal joints are versatile and may be used directly under surface buoys, as interfaces to subsurface buoys, and between mooring risers and seafloor structures.  

Electromechanical Universal  Joint


The electromechanical universal joint provides a robust electrical and mechanical connection point for electromechanical riser elements.  In return, electrical failure is reduced and the quality of data measurements from subsurface instruments is assured. 




  • Provides a robust electrical and mechanical connection point

  • Three axis 45-degree deflection

  • Protected path for electrical conductors along the central axis

  • Stainless steel body construction 

  • Robust lifespan assuming periodic refurbishment


Mechanical Universal Joint

The mechanical universal joint provides a combination of strength and wear resistance for bending under load, and may be used with mooring riser elements such as chain and wire.



  • Mechanical termination point for mooring riser elements

  • 75° deflection on swing shaft/30 degree on clevis

  • Permits roll and pitch without mechanical wear to riser elements

  • Stainless steel construction

  • Robust lifespan assuming periodic refurbishment 

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