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Commercial Applications

REAL TIME DATA Seafloor to Surface

EOM Offshore offers a FLEXIBLE SYSTEM of solutions that IMPROVES Operational Guidance, Response, and Mitigation.

EOM Offshore’s moorings may be equipped with any suite of monitoring and/or sampling instruments, and our technology complements other platforms such as gliders, ROVs, and AUVs increasing the temporal and spatial data sampling areas.  

EOM Offshore’s moorings products and configurations can be used to support any marine commercial industry requiring long-term, real-time monitoring, and other mooring applications.

Offshore (Renewable/Oil&Gas)

Climate Change

Water Quality


Ecosystem Monitoring

Geological Monitoring

Noise Monitoring

Marine Mammal Monitoring

Having over 100 years of combined experience, EOM Offshore’s mooring products and moorings may support multiple industries seeking innovative technology that create synergy between business and ocean’s environment.

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