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Acoustic Monitoring Solution

EOM Offshore provides total acoustic monitoring solutions, serving the needs of multiple markets. 
The buoy system is equipped with advanced mooring technology that solves the problem of wave-and current-induced degradation to signal-to-noise ratios in passive or active acoustic applications.  Each system is flexible, easily integrating with other mooring components.  
We combine our buoy system with the Teledyne Slocum glider, giving our customers multi-scale observations suitable for academic, commercial, or defense applications.  The Slocum glider is cost-effective, as it can be easily deployed or recovered from any size vessel. 
Both systems offer versatility by design and can perform persistent monitoring even in the roughest conditions. 
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Photo courtesy of Teledyne Marine
  • Near real-time observations 
  • Improved detection
  • Safe for marine mammal monitoring
  • Economic savings
  • and many more ...
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