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The NOCOMEC is EOM Offshore's Non-Compliant Electromechanical Chain that is Quiet, while Providing Strength and Conductivity 

Real Time Data Seafloor-to-Surface

Bend Fatigue Resistant

Quieter than Chain

Won't hockle

EOM Offshore’s NOCOMEC cable visually resembles the MECO cable, and it delivers fixed, real-time measurements and power.   Unlike the MECO, the NOCOMEC is non-compliant, so it does not stretch or bend due to the inner chain built inside the marine exhaust hardwall.  It will not hockle, and it is quieter than comparable steel link chain alternatives.


EOM Offshore's NOCOMEC’s strength derives from the use of marine chain (9/32", 1/2", or 3/4") encapsulated in an exclusive urethane blend, surrounded by coil wire itself protected by urethane and a tough outer hose.


The NOCOMEC cable provides bend fatigue resistance while maintaining axial strength in the mooring.  They may be used at any position in the mooring requiring data and power transmission, where stretch is not required.  The NOCOMEC is flexible and can integrate with other mooring equipment and is compatible with all of EOM Offshore’s Products.  



  • Working load (min 6,800 lb/3,100 kg - max 15,000 lb/6,800 kg) 

  • Standard lengths (2, 3, 5, 8, & 10 meter configurations) 

  • Multiple conductor arrangement (4, 6, 8 UTP)

  • Ethernet capability

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