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Stretch Hose

Real Time Data from Seafloor-to-Surface

No Disruption in Data and Power Flow

Compliant Electromechanical Cable

Stretches 2.5 Times Original Length

Bend Fatigue Resistant

EOM Offshore’s patented stretch hose technology is the result of decades of research and development at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.  The stretch hose is unique, and there is no other product like it on the market.


The stretch hose is a direct electrical connection that enables the constant delivery of data and power for fixed, real-time measurements from seafloor-to-surface.  It is a compliant electromechanical cable. Different lengths and conductor arrangements are available, including twisted pairs for Ethernet, and in some applications the stretch hose can allow water from the surface to pass through its hollow center to sampling instruments that are located in different locations on the mooring (see our Environmental Sample Processing Mooring).   


The stretch hose elongates 2.5 times its original length, using mechanical compliance rather than geometric compliance that is used with the traditional catenary mooring.  The stretch hose provides constant communications and power transmission between underwater instruments and a buoyant object in any weather conditions.  In calm conditions, the stretch hose returns to its original length, thereby minimizing the watch circle. 


The stretch hose provides a stable and quiet platform for instruments, and the design eliminates several risks such as the mooring line becoming entangled, mechanical failure due to having a large watch circle, and the line snapping from intense loads.




  • Two breaking loads (2,000 lb/900 kg & 10,000 lb/4,500 kg)

  • Length (30, 50, 60, 100 ft/9, 15, 18, 30 m)

  • Multiple conductor configuration (4, 6, 8 UTP)

  • Ethernet capability

Stretch Hose
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